YFC Care


Chaplains pastorally care for the members of school and wider communities. They respond to issues and critical incidents as they arise, as well as facilitating proactive relationship building, small group delivery and programs to ensure improved wellbeing outcomes for young people and their communities.

Not all YFC chaplains receive government funding. Some are supported entirely by donations, fundraising, the school and the local community. Some of our chaplains are part funded by the government and partly by the local community.

YFC chaplains respect, accept and are sensitive to all people’s views, beliefs and values. Our chaplains work alongside the school well-being team and seek to support and serve the school community by offering pastoral care. Chaplains are required to liaise with other youth agencies as the need arises.

You can donate securely online to help support our chaplains in schools by using the form on the right.

YFC is part of the inspire chaplaincy network in Victoria.