Pray for teens to meet Jesus at Schoolies

Thousands of high-school graduates will soon flock to popular destinations for the annual Schoolies celebration from 17th November to 9th December.

It’s some wild weeks of partying – but your support helps enable Youth for Christ to be present, running Schoolies for Jesus so that many young lives can be transformed.

Last year, Schoolies for Jesus on the Gold Coast used an old café as a hangout lounge for any revellers who needed some downtime. By the end of Schoolies, over 250 young people had decided to follow Jesus as a result of powerful conversations they’d had with YFC volunteers there.

Jason Dawkins, coordinator of the Gold Coast Schoolies for Jesus team, is excited about what God will do through this year’s events.

“My hope is to create an atmosphere for the attendees to encounter Jesus deeply and then take Him with them into the streets,” Jason shares.

Pray that many young people who go to Schoolies events will experience life-changing encounters with Jesus. Thank you for helping to make it possible!