The Jesus School: sharing the simple Gospel


Jesus School leader, David, praying during an evening session.

Last year YFC launched The Jesus School, a training initiative grounded in the simplicity of the Gospel message. The growing momentum and fruit from the school since then points to the power of making prayer the strategic anchor to mission.

Practically The Jesus School consists of one week of teaching and discipleship lived in community, followed by a week of outreach opportunities. Targeted at Christians from all walks of life, the school helps students fully understand and embrace their identity in Christ and what it looks like to authentically live it out.

“We’re seeing mass transformation, like I’ve never seen before in a ministry tool.”

A Jesus School in Darwin brought 80 students and leaders, from all over Australia, together for two weeks of equipping and outreach.

As David Ridley, one of the school’s leaders, explains, “The heart of The Jesus School is that students would gain understanding of what Jesus accomplished on our behalf. As we do that the good news of the Gospel becomes good news. It’s actually something you want to share with others.”

YFC’s training manager, Mark Greenwood adds, “We are so used to gathering information that doesn’t change our lives. Scripture must never be handled that way. Jesus said, when we know the truth it will set us free.”

“As students take hold of this simple message and begin to walk in it, we’re seeing it set people free. We’re seeing mass transformation, like I’ve never seen before in a ministry tool.”

Not only is the school bringing freedom to the participants, but as they become empowered to live out the Gospel, it’s overflowing to others.

One of the teams on outreach in a remote community. Thanks for your prayers and gifts that help birth ministry like this.

“Young people are looking for something to invest their lives in,” David shares. “When we live in what Jesus paid the price for I believe we’ll see cities saved. We’ll see every young person be given an opportunity – as a by-product of Christians understanding the goodness of the Gospel.”

As 23 year old Dean, who attended a recent Jesus School, testifies, “I’ve always had a desire to do more evangelism but I didn’t feel equipped for it. Now I’m super excited to just love people and not to objectify them as a goal or to find my worth in telling them about Jesus but to actually do it in love. I just see that the fruit of this school, in the rest of my life, is immeasurable.”

Thank you for your gifts and prayers, which are vital to the fruitfulness of Youth for Christ and the catalyst to pioneering and sustaining new initiatives, like The Jesus School.