Celebrate how God’s impacted you through YFC!

Join alumni like Rob in taking this movement forward to transform more youth for Christ.


Your partnership is growing God’s Kingdom and creating a powerful legacy.

That’s why Youth for Christ launched the Alumni Project last year, to connect with thousands of people like you who’ve been impacted by this ministry.

Together, we want to celebrate what God’s done—and build new opportunities to impact youth for Christ.

Your partnership continues to create legacies like Rob’s, whose life was transformed when he met Jesus at a YFC rally in the 70’s.

Rob Ward, one of YFC’s alumni, recounts how he met Jesus:.

“In 1971, a friend invited me to a Youth for Christ meeting at the Dallas Brooks Hall in Melbourne.

“It was there, to the tune of ‘Just as I Am’ that, with my heart about to burst out of my chest, I surrendered to Jesus.

“That was the turning point in my life.”

“Since that day I have served in many capacities, including planting and pastoring a church. I’m happily married (42 years) to a wonderful girl I met in Church and [our] children and grandchildren all are Christ-followers.”

Rob currently manages the chaplaincy network in Melbourne and is passionate about helping others find new life in Jesus.

From Rob, and so many more like him who’ve found life in Jesus thanks to your faithful prayers and support – thank you!

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