Alumni Project: Help us celebrate how God has used Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ has had a rich history since its birth, through a move of the Spirit, in the 1940s. Many young leaders, following God’s calling, would book huge venues, often at the risk of personal financial ruin, in order to hold mass youth rallies. Many came to Christ as a result.

YFC’s first full time evangelist, Billy Graham, preaching at a rally. We want your help to celebrate the history of this movement as we build into the future.

Although initially unaffiliated, YFC rallies sprang up across America and in other countries. As an official structure formed around the movement Torrey Johnson, YFC’s first International President declared:

“O God, we want this kept on a miracle basis. We want everyone to know that God’s hand is on this movement. We want folks to see that this is too big and too great for any man or group of men to accomplish by themselves. We want folks to say, ‘God did it!’ ”

YFC was officially launched in Australia by 1949 with regular rallies and concerts being held in different locations. And while the activities of YFC have changed throughout the years, its heartbeat, to see youth come into relationship with Christ, has not.

YFC is a movement of people and over nearly seven decades many thousands of people have been involved in Australia. Volunteers, staff, donors and participants, some whom would have been saved through the ministry of YFC.

We are launching an Alumni project to start reconnecting with anyone who has been a part of this movement in the past. Our desire is to gather history, collect and celebrate stories, provide forums for fellowship and opportunities to continue impacting youth for Christ.

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