Stand with Youth for Christ

Stand with Youth for Christ

We are in a battle for the sons and the daughters of our nation and the Christian body must stand together to fight.

Pornography, nihilism (the belief that life is meaningless), addictions, anxiety and depression are just some of the issues that are robbing our youth of their identity and attacking them from multiple angles.

It has to stop.

Youth for Christ has been readying for the battle – will you stand with us?

In November, our Schoolies for Jesus team of passionate young Jesus people  interacted with 7000 school leavers – boldly sharing the Gospel. They prayed for physical and emotional healing and shared their testimonies of freedom and finding their God-given identity and purpose.

The Children of Inheritance team have been touring and sharing stories of deliverance. They are gaining a following and expanding into social media with a message of freedom and family found in Jesus.

We have a killer new program that our young missionaries take into schools to share about the dangers of pornography, sexting, abuse, dating and peer pressure that has been having a significant impact. It’s a powerful message, grounded in an uncompromising faith. Last year at a private school they had the opportunity to share the Gospel. As a result, 25 young people came to Christ, one of whom was later baptised.

At the Jesus School young Christians have been discovering their true identity in Christ and walking free from addiction, guilt and shame, ready to declare His name boldly among their peers.

The potential is huge, but to continue these and other outreach initiatives, we need your help.

Our key support targets by the end of March are:

  • 25 new monthly partners to provide the foundation for ongoing financial sustainability of the mission.
  • $40,000 in financial gifts to help fund new and existing ministry initiatives this quarter.
  • 25 new prayer warriors to join our prayer team providing essential prayer covering and helping to cultivate fertile ground for ministry.

Youth for Christ is helping young people discover the whole-of-life transformation found in Jesus and empowering transformed young Christians to stand as a radical counter-culture to the brokenness around them.

Together let’s make Him known and empower a generation of youth for Christ!