Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

YFC’s Scholarship Fund helps launch young leaders into ministry.

It was set-up to provide much needed funding to equip, train and release young Christian leaders into effective and sustainable ministry opportunities by:

  • Subsidising the cost of YFC’s Internship program which trains and equips passionate young evangelists.
  • Providing seed funding for new YFC missionaries. Supporting these young leaders as they step out into ministry roles.

By providing this practical support for young Christian evangelists and missionaries, the Scholarship Fund helps fulfil the mission of YFC – transforming young lives with the Gospel.

Please consider giving a gift today so more leaders can be equipped to share Christ with this generation!

You can give securely online using the form on this page or call 1800 776 186 for other ways to give.

“There has not been one moment in YFC that I was told I was too young, but the complete opposite!! I have been invested and believed in, equipped and trained, pushed and challenged, mentored and coached, by some of the most incredibly amazing people!! I’ve learnt how to be a coach, a team leader, a growing disciple of Jesus and how to be bold in prayer and evangelism.”

Emma, former YFC Intern and missionary.


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