Jesus School

Jesus School

The heart of the Jesus School is a belief that a company of people who know God will change the world. This is the passion of our hearts – to know Him!

The Jesus School is about becoming intimately acquainted with the Father. Becoming aware of our inseparable union with Him through Jesus’ finished work on the cross. We will do this by unpacking one simple statement:

Jesus is the truth about God and the truth about us.

Together we desire to fully apply the weight and depth of this truth to our lives. Every idea about who God is and who we are must be filtered through the expressed life of Jesus. He is Truth personified.

"I came to The Jesus School feeling like I had stuffed up so much that there was no way Jesus could come and save me. The Jesus School changed my life. Since the school I now have four young people who I am discipling."

– Georgia, 17

"I can say that Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me and He’s actually changed my life. It’s not just a camp-high because this thing’s about a personal relationship with Jesus, and that’s never changing."

– Blake, 20.

"I want to let my life speak louder than my words… to love them the way Jesus did and serve them and humble myself. I’m really excited about what God can do with a life that’s completely laid down for Him."

– Samuel, 19

Jesus People Gathering

A family festival that’s all about Jesus.

Melbourne 29th Dec – 1st Jan


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