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Mission Team

  • Are you feeling called by God to invest your time in this movement, in either a full or part time capacity?
  • Do you have a heart for young people and a passion for Jesus?
  • Do you have skills and giftings in relevant areas such as evangelism, youth work, or creative arts?

We are always looking for appropriate people to join our missions team.


With dedication to the vision and maturity of faith, YFC missionaries partner with local churches across Australia to share the Gospel with young people and equip others to do the same. They are trained to preach and teach the Gospel with, love, power and great simplicity as well as lead people to Christ and inspire people to live a Christ-like lifestyle, prioritizing intimacy with God.

YFC missionaries are responsible for funding their role through either personal support raising or “tent-making” or a combination of both.


With a passion to work across denominations to see young people discover Jesus, YFC Ambassadors remain planted in their local context, be it as a student, pastor, tradie or any other role while carrying the culture and values of YFC and promoting the vision locally.

Ambassadors may have roles or responsibilities that activate as needed to help facilitate national initiatives locally/regionally.  For example an Ambassador could be a youth pastor who leads a Schoolies for Jesus event in their community.


YFC creatives are passionate Christians who use their skills and giftings in the creative arts to grow and resource a movement of youth for Christ. Using innovative and creative ways to communicate and translate the Gospel message to young people and encourage them in their journey with God.


Expressions of interest

* Note: we are only able to take applications from Australian residents.

Three traits of a YFC missionary

Dedicated and dependant prayerfulness.
A calling to reach young people with the Gospel.
A passion that is compelled by the love of Christ.

YFC Gap Year Internships

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