Transform young lives with the Gospel

Transform young lives with the Gospel

The Cross of Christ still holds the power to transform lives.

I love seeing young people transformed by Jesus, and I love to see how your gifts multiply our efforts by equipping and releasing young people to go out and reach their peers. That’s why I greatly value your partnership – YFC can’t do this without you.

Which is why I’m asking you to give to the $70,000 goal this month to help grow our effectiveness into the next financial year… and to see more young people transformed by the Gospel.

Practically, your donation will help pioneer new initiatives while continuing to invest in our existing ministries such as:

  • YFC Camps like the Jesus School, which has discipled 133 young evangelists around the nation. We are hoping to train around 250 more in the next 12 months.
  • Taking teams of young people on mission trips into remote and rural regions where we run programs in schools and rallies in the communities.
  • Running after-school activities for young people such as sport and dance clubs where the Gospel is shared on a more relational setting and follow-up support can take place.
  • Going into juvenile detention centres and ministering to the young people there. We pray and pray and pray for these teenagers who are suffering deeply.

Your generous donation by June 30 will have a significant impact in reaching even more young people with the Gospel in Australia.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to see more lives transformed.

Yours Humbly
Cindy Mcgarvie
National Director




P.S. If you require a tax deductible option please select the link above the donate form on this page.

Our Vision

That every young person in Australia be given an opportunity to be a follower of Jesus Christ.