YFC Australia is part of Youth for Christ International, a Christian inter-denominational, non-profit youth movement operating in over 100 countries.

At its core YFC is simply a movement of people unified by a common heart for Jesus and for young people.

Together, we are 100% committed to every young person in Australia. We want to see them live to their full potential with lives transformed to flourish where they are planted. Many young people are affected by heartbreaking circumstances of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, self-harm, sexuality issues, violence and suicide – we want to see them move beyond these things. In our experience, it’s only when a young person encounters God and experiences the transforming love of Jesus that they discover their true purpose and identity. That’s when real whole-of-life transformation happens.

For close to 70 years, we have been building genuine, honest relationships with young people. We ‘get’ them and the culture they live in – plus we genuinely like hanging out with them! In partnership with local churches we choose to actively go into their world, sharing honestly about our own lives and giving them an opportunity to find new life in Christ.

Our Vision

That every young person in Australia be given an opportunity to be a follower of Jesus Christ.